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Canine II

Appointment book

We installed PW 8.1 over this past weekend. When I came in on Monday the appt. book when it was refreshing (EVERY 8 SECONDS) we would lose ALL the appts. for the day.  Then slowly one by one they would return only to have it happen again 8 sec. later.  We called PW support who told us that this was the first time they were hearing of this.  The tech was able to stop us from losing all the appts. each time it refreshed, however today is anew day & the problem is back again.  So I have to call tech support again, but I told maybe someone else had the same or similar issue.

Any suggestions!  Maybe we'll go back to 7.9.  We never really was the appt. screen refreshing like we do in this newer version.

Thanks, Barbara

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Re: Appointment book

Hello Barbara,


That is an interesting issue, I can't say that I've run across it directly.  I'm going to go ahead and open a new ticket for this and give you a call.


Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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