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Premolar III

Backup Server

My goal is to have a second server sitting on the shelf that I can put into play should my primary server die. The second server is fully configured with identical hardware to the first server. I update the data drives monthly to mirror those on the primary server. My vision in case of an emergency is that I'd boot up the second server, update the data drive with the latest data backup, and then we're back in business. 

My question is how can I run a test to make sure that the second server is configured properly for running the PW database?  

My second question is about upgrading the PW version on the second server to the current version. Is it simply a matter of using the latest PW upgrade CDs and running the installer?  

My third question is about whether I can continue to apply future upgrades as they are released to the second server.

Thanks in advance for the help


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Re: Backup Server

Hello Joe

The first thing to keep in mind with this setup is licensing. you could do this set up but if the need comes to switch to the backup server we'd need to move the licensing over before it'd be able to function.  Not a hard task, but just something needed to be done at that time. 

As far as testing, It wouldn't be hard to test as long as the PSQL temp license is in place at the time, and the pwlf.dat (gold key license) is freshly dropped in place so it'll use it's 7 days until it needs registered period.   

The live server would have to be either powered down or at least it's gold key and Pervasive services stopped.   At that point, we'd also need to point to the Workstations to use the correct paths to the backup server's shares and license.  once that's done, it should be able to open. 

For updating PracticeWorks on the backup server, yes, it would just be a matter of running the disk on there as well so it can update the application version to match the data version if they aren't already the same. 

And yes, you can apply the updates to the backup server, but there are some potential limitations to get around.  The main one being when you go from one major version to another. For example, V9.1 to v10 once it releases, you'll need a release code.  That code is based on the PWLF.dat license key and the server it's currently registered to. So we wouldn't be able to just generate a release code for it.  However, if we treated it like a new install of v10, renaming the v9.1 pworks folder and letting the v10 install to a newly created one, it will not require the release code and then dropping the already updated live data into place will work fine. 


Let me know if you have any additional questions

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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