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Canine III

Bulk EFT posting date

We need a way to back date Bulk EFT payments in Practiceworks. We can do it for individual IP payments but cannot for Bulks. This is seriously hurting our ability to easily keep track of these things.

Our current process is to date everything in Practiceworks (checks, cash, credit cards, EFTs) for the date we materially receive the money and enter that into Quickbooks with the same date. When we reconcile accounts, if there is any issue it's easy to track down the problem using the date.

When it comes to EFTs, we receive that money whenever the insurance company puts it there, and they track the EFT Settlement Date. For individual payments, we can enter payments for the EFT settlement date and they're easily traceable using that date in Practiceworks, Quickbooks, and bank statements. However, we can't change the date for Bulk entries. If we don't get any notification of an EFT, we may discover it a week after it's been deposited. We then enter that into Practiceworks, and that payment will only show up on reports for the day it was entered, not the day we got paid. This disconnect makes it difficult to account and reconcile these payments.

Other users have requested the ability to future date these payments, and back dating is at least as important. Please consider adding this fucntionality as soon as possible!

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Re: Bulk EFT posting date

Tagging @tyson_edwards  to look into this possibility. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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