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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

CS PracticeWorks - Version 9.0 - What's New!

The time is here! PracticeWorks 9.0 is officially released!

Shipping starts as fast as we can get the DVD's so will start next week.
Cloud users will start to get updates this weekend.

See what's new below. A PDF is also attached.

Can't wait to hear what you all think!


What's New in the CS PracticeWorks V9 Update:




Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 11.25.14 PM.png



“Suspend” button now labeled “Post Work”

The “Suspend” button is now labeled “Post Work” to better describe what happens when users select it. When they are finished working in the chart, users can select “Post Work” to remain in the chart and allow others to complete additional workflows, e.g., checking out the patient while the doctor is adding notes.


New! – Tx Plan Button

Users can create a new treatment plan or graphically view a treatment plan by selecting the “Tx Plan” button. They no longer have to toggle back and forth between the treatment plan and the chart.

• When users select “Edit Plan,” the plan loads in proposed mode

• When users select “View Plan,” the plan loads in the existing mode of the chart, and users can edit it


Update! Chart Mode Selector

The Chart Mode Selector now has buttons instead of radio buttons, which makes the mode display clearer.

• “Existing” – - chart work that already exists

• “Completed” –chart work completed today

• “Proposed” – chart the treatment plan





Multiple Users in a Patient Chart or Tx Plan:

• A hygienist can chart while another staff member is working on the patient’s demographics/insurance—and vice versa

• The front desk staff can view the patient record while the clinical staff is working in the patient’s chart—and vice versa

• Any user can view images while others are in the patient chart


Multiple Users in a Patient Clipboard or Patient Records

Patient is seated in the chair and hygienist launches the patient chart. The doctor wants to review the chart— but not in front of the patient. Parallel workflows enable the doctor to review notes and hard and soft tissue charts while the chart is open elsewhere in the practice.


Other Enhancements:

• When rescheduling for a provider, the appointment book changes the color of the provider being moved

• Microsoft Server 2016 Certification

• Microsoft Outlook 2016 Certification

• CS PracticeWorks Cloud users can run Pervasive v12

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Canine II

Re: CS PracticeWorks - Version 9.0 - What's New!

We just called and were told that the update won't be available until 2/18/19. It is very frustrating! Why are there conflicting timelines with respect to the release date?


Re: CS PracticeWorks - Version 9.0 - What's New!



2/18 is the official date at this point for the release of v9.0.0.  At this time it is being updated on our cloud based offices as they are the first to receive new updates, then it is released to everyone else once the DVDs have finished being created to be shipped out. 

I'm sorry if there has been any confusion up until now. There was some incorrect information being passed around based on previous expected timelines. 


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: CS PracticeWorks - Version 9.0 - What's New!

We are now shipping 9.0!

Premolar III

Re: CS PracticeWorks - Version 9.0 - What's New!

Any idea why we haven't received it?

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Canine III

Re: CS PracticeWorks - Version 9.0 - What's New!

I have the same question.

Nagel Dentistry


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Re: CS PracticeWorks - Version 9.0 - What's New!

Just to put it here on the forum as well

I've reached out to those that have stated that their disk have not arrived.  I placed the disk in shipping again, confirming they went to the shipping queue. 

I apologize that it looks like a few offices were some how missed on the priority list. 

If anyone wants our assistance with performing the update, please let us know 

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