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Canine II

Can you add money to payment plan



After setting a payment plan with a patient, is there a way to add to their plan, instead of starting a brand new one? . ie: Patient came in and set a payment plan and in a few weeks came in for an appointment and wanted to add their current charges to the existing payplan.

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Re: Can you add money to payment plan

Adding additional balance to a payplan is possible by clicking Add Entry in the ledger and typing "payplan $***" without the quotes. Then hit Tab. The *** represent the amount you want to increase the payplan. See example in screen shots below.


Notice the existing payplan balance in lower left of $100
I use description "payplan $190" and hit tab.


This opens the payplan window. The total amount of the payplan (originally $100) now reflect the additional $190 and shows it as unallocated at the bottom. 
Adjust the number of payment if needed and then click "Re-calc installments"

Robert Angus | Technical Support Analyst II