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Looking for input for a very detailed driven office!  Transitioning from paper to chartless and how to make sure all the notes we are used  to "writing" on the treatment sheet are easily seen when we open the chart.  Currently we are proposing treatment to be performed and creating an exam note on every tooth that needs specific information attached to it.  The notes are then marked as an alert.  So much work and too time consuming.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Charting

Only marking the notes as alerts will make them "pop-up," however many people set up either the history (the box in the lower right that lists all treatment, notes, etc.) or the Progress notes tab as only displaying notes. In the history section, you can click the setup button, and uncheck everything except Notes. On the progress tab you can uncheck all items in the filter except notes. You wouldn't want to do this in both places, but perhaps one of these screens will work for you . . . It is a way to filter through all of the other info and only see the notes all together in one place.

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