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Claims List UI and Functionality Update

Hello Everyone,

We have some ideas floating around about some updates to the Claims List UI, filters and actions.

Please take a look below.

Would these changes save time with your Claims Management workflows?

Is there anything we are missing that would make things quicker/easier?

Updates include:

  • Expand window size
  • Add additional filters: Primary, Secondary
  • Add the ability to filter by date range
  • Add ability to Clear All claims in view 
    • i.e. Filter by date range then 'Clear All' old claims
    • Security around this button
  • Adding Search by Pt. Name
  • Add sort by date column





If you choose the "Clear All" button and you have the security access, you would be presented with a message as follows:


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Premolar I

This would save our office a tremendous amount of time, especially the ability to 'clear all ...'.