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Premolar I

Re: Color Highlight an Appointment


If you have morning huddles, try incorporating Practice Central to help with the huddle activities - anyone can lead the huddle using Practice Central. It can be of great help to the doctor, i.e., New Patient(s), treatment uncompleted, radiographs, etc. And especially for the rest of the staff. Unfortunately, we are only able to see "TODAY". It would be great if this feature was available for 1-2 days out. 

The key is to have each person set up their preferences for their area or better yet that each person in the practice all have the same settings - each person then isn't in their own bubble (i.e, the assistant should be aware of outstanding balances and financial arrangements on those balances before more treatment is continued or can the hygienist or assistant take xrays for the other depending on who is available - this allows patients to meet other staff and learn roles of hygienists/assistants or hygienist could start N2O or anesthetic for doctor if allowed by license/state).

I find it helpful in basic things like making sure photos, HIPAA acknowledgements, etc have been received. 

Setting up the camera for the photo is fast and easy.

Carolyn Barnett

Canine III

Re: Color Highlight an Appointment

Thank you so much!  You've provided me with great information!

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