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Correct posting code for refunds to credit cards

What is the correct adjustment code to use when posting a refund to a credit card?

It is not clear to me that we are using the correct code because when I look at the Daily Deposit report, the "Credit Card Adjustments" are always 0.  I would assume that a credit card refund would show up there?

We do use the "Refund" code which is built-into PW.

Would appreciate some feedback.


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The Credit card adjustments (refunds) line would only be used if the credit card refund was processed through our Credit card (ePayments) module. 

If you do not use our ePayments systems and are manually entering a refund adjustment for the credit card payments, it will show up in the adjustment section on the A/R recap page instead of the deposit slip/details pages. So it would not count toward the credit card adjustments line on the deposit slip. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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