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We have discount automatically on some of our patients.  When I enter a Cash payment or any payment for that matter it adds the discount to the ledger.   How do we get this to stop?




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Most likely that discount is using one of the Automatic codes. You can find those under List > Transactions codes and then at the bottom right click the radial dot for Automatic.  

You will probably see the 25%Disco code listed here. 


If it is applying to all patients at checkout then when you edit the code, in the middle section (Adjustment Definition) the option for "By default, automatically add this adjustment to all patients" may be checked.  if it is, and you do not want it to apply to all patients, uncheck that box. 

If it is only on some patients, then you will need to go to those individual patient's clipboards and click on the "Other Info" button on the right. You will get a list that should have "Auto add '25%Disc'" where it's value is set to Yes. 


It could also be possible that the automatic code is linked to certain payment codes and not the patient directly.  To check that setting you will need to go back to the transaction code list, select the radial option to show your Patient Payments list, then edited the codes that are being used.  Once you're in the window for that code, click on the "Turn on/off auto adjustments for this code..." button and you will see a similar list like the one you saw on the clipboard's Other info button.  If it is set to Yes here, you can change it to No. 


At that point, you can test to see if the code is still coming up.  If it is still, I can either reach out to you directly at a time that works best, or you can give our support number a call.  Just in case the support numbers can be found here.

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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