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Denied HSA tranactions staying in Pending file

Ever since our update to 10.1.6 we have had an issue with "Pending authorizations" getting stuck in the system when HSA payments are denied.  Before, denied transactions just  "went away". It doesn't appear to be happening with traditional credit cards.  I have to call and request them to be removed from the system because after a time, it prevents us from batching at the end of the day.  Has this been as issue for anyone else?  Has this been a reported issue that needs to be addressed?  Thank you! 

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There was an update to the ePayments module that was included in CS PracticeWorks 10.1.6.  It should have been updated at the same time. However, I have run into a few instances where it didn't.  The update to the ePayments was supposed to make it so that declined payments no longer went to the pending authorization screen. 

To find out which version your machine(s) has on it do the following:

  1. Bring up your File Explorer/browser
    1. This can be done by clicking on the folder icon on your start/taskbar
  2. Navigate to c:\pworks
  3. Find the file named PW_ICCPS.dll.
  4. Right-click on PW_ICCPS.dll and select Properties. 
  5. Go to the Details tab at the top
  6. Look at the "Product version" line to see what version of the ePayment Toolkit is installed. 

The new version of the ePayment Toolkit is  If it is a lower version then it failed to upgrade that component when PracticeWorks updated and we will need to get the module updated. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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I scheduled a same-day appointment to have this fixed, and not only did Oscar fix this, he fixed 2 other issues!! He was awesome!!