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Canine II

Disable Secondary Insurance write off

For patients with both primary and secondary insurance, we noticed the PW will calculate the write off as the sum of the individual writeoffs for each insurance when checking out

In almost all cases, the calculation of the secondary write off is wrong. There is a lot on how should that calculation be done correctly and is a complex question - this is not about solving that problem. 

However, we'd prefer to simply have PW enter the write off per the primary and nothing else, so that when both claims have been later processed, we can manually add the final secondary write off based on the actual payments.

The 3 options under "When this insurance is secondary" do not seem to address this scenario - all are about how to estimate the actual fee that the secondary insurance will consider.

How can we flag the secondary insurance so that it will not post a write off at all? The only option I found implies marking all code-specific info as type 1 (patient pays whatever ins doesn't pay) but that's not realistic since the same insurance can be primary in other cases and that option would be n/a for that scenario (which is the most common after all).

Not having this causes over-adjustments, which inflate the A/R until both primary and secondary claims are fully processed, and then we need to do modify or do a counter-write off to undo the over-adjustment, which makes the ledger messy, adds overhead and is prone to errors.