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Do You Pay Providers For Toothbrush Sales?

We are near the end of development and testing for Version 8 of PracticeWorks! During the development process I spoke to our beta offices on a regular basis. The final product reflects the quality feedback we received. I'd like to share one example that illustrates how important your voice is to the final product. 

If you pay providers on collections, do you pay them when a toothbrush is sold? What about late fees and interest? Do you factor collections on any other products sold to patients into the provider's payroll? These are questions we did not ask during the development process. However, one of our beta users pointed this out - and we responded. 

Offices with line item accounting activated will see a new option on their treatment codes; Exclude charge from LIA production. When checked, the code in question will not be included on the Payroll or Distribution Audit reports. Payments are still distributed to the code and the payment analytic reports will reflect the payment. 

By default, this option will be checked for the following codes:

  • LATE - Late payment service charge

  • MININT - Interest charge (minimum)

  • INTR - Interest charge

If you have any questions or want to continue the discussion, leave a comment below. 

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