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Duplicate Collections when marking an ERA as Not Postable

We use ePosting in PracticeWorks for some PPOs, like Metlife and Cigna. Often times, the ERA received in e-Postings can't be easily posted because the insurance company will replace one procedure with another (like downgrades) or bundle them (like xrays), and it becomes a challenge to make the e-Posting screen link the differences between what we submitted and what comes back. In those cases, we'll mark the ERA as not postable and proceed to enter a Manual Bulk payment instead. This saves us a lot of time and grief.

However, we recently discovered that PW is double counting the deposit: one time for the not-postable ERA, and another time for the Bulk payment (as reported in the Deposit Report or Net Collection summary for a day/period). This of course is a problem when we try to sync back with the actual bank deposits.

We expected that not-postable = not counted as deposit. What can be done to have an ERA not count at all as a deposit/collection when we choose to enter it manually?

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Re: Duplicate Collections when marking an ERA as Not Postable

I reached out to eservices on this question since I was unfamiliar with this aspect of e-Postings. What I was told is the only action in e-Postings that does not result in it showing on deposit slip or reports is to right click and select delete. Currently there is no other way around it showing.

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