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Canine II

EFT report

Is there a report that can be printed for EFT payments within a certain date range?

Smiles By Design

Hello Bret (smilesbydesign‌)

You can actually run the periodic report with the option for deposit slip and it's sub-option for list deposit details checked, and then just set the date range that you need it to run for. The first section on the deposit detail page is Titled "EFTs" and will list all the EFTs entered in during this period of time. This will track both the EFTs that are posted using ePosting, and from manually entering an IP as an EFT option to a ledger.

I attached a screen shot of the options on the report.

To get to it go up to File > Print > Accounts and Receivables > Periodic report.  You can then set your date range at the top, and check the option for "Deposit Slip" and "List deposit details."  you can choose the Combine Deposit slip if you have more then on Account Receivable in the office and would like to see the combined totals.


Periodic report_deposit details

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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The collection summary will give you the number and amount of EFT's.

Go to File/Print/Accounts and Receivables/Collection Summary