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EFTs and ERAs in PracticeWorks

Our office has decided to try taking EFTs from Delta Dental.  When we signed up I was told the ERAs would come through our electronic claim clearing house.  We submit our claims through PracticeWorks eClaims.  So, far I have had to hunt down the ERAs from all the different Delta Dentals.  Can I access the ERAs from the clearing house and if so, how do I do this?

If anyone has suggestions on how to simply the EFT and ERA process, I would appreciate help.

Thank you. 

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Re: EFTs and ERAs in PracticeWorks


When you are using the CS ePosting service to receive the ERAs from insurance companies, inside of PracticeWorks you would go to the Activities menu, then ePosting, then ePosting Payments.  This screen should have a list of the inbound ERAs that process through the clearinghouse. You will also be able to apply the payments to the claims/ledgers from the individual ERAs as well. 

If you would like, there is an online training course on using the ePosting window. Visit here you can log in, or register if needed, and go to the product training section and select CS PracticeWorks. There is a module here titled "PracticeWorks Software: ePosting initial training"

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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