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EServices - Insurance payments

Our office recently enrolled in epayments. We completed the training yesterday for patient payments. Posting insurance payments using virtual credit cards was never addressed. Neither was posting bulk insurance payments using a virtual credit card. I looked up the online training and did not find a lesson that applied. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

First Molar I

@nageldds Unless something has changed, you simply select "Credit" from the payment type drop down (whether an individual payment or a bulk):




CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Individual insurance payments and bulk payments both have Credit as a payment type. Once you click on OK it will bring up the credit card window

Individual insurance payment:


Bulk insurance:



Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for the post @nageldds

I'm going to include a few of our trainers to see if they may know of any training topics on this. 
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