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Canine II

Edit a perio chart?

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Is there a way to edit a perio chart from a previous appointment? Tight tissue tricked us! 

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Re: Edit a perio chart?

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To edit soft tissue entries that were entered on the current day:

   1.) Select the desired area to be changed in the current chart.
   2.) Type or click the desired entry to replace the initial entry.
   3.) Repeat as necessary for incorrect entries.
   4.) Entries entered for a date in the past must be removed, re-entered and back-dated by doing the following:

To create a new backdated entry begin with Step 6.

   1.) Open the desired chart.
   2.) In the bottom left corner, select the Perio chart to be removed (Print before removing if you need to refer to it when    reentering correction).
   3.) With this entry highlighted, click Correct Entry.
   4.) Select Remove Entry.
   5.) Click Make Correction.
   6.) Enter desired information into the affected chart.
   7.) In the bottom right corner, select new entry and click Correct Entry.
   8.) Select Change date to and enter original exam date.
   9.) Click Make Correction.
   10.) At the prompt, confirm that all desired changes have been made and click Yes to continue.

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