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Entering Insurance Into Pateint Clipboard

We have a patient who has coverage through three (3) insurers. Two are her own, as she works 2 jobs, one is through her husband. Is there a way to enter in three dental insurers on her clipboard?

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The following is the recommended process when a patient is covered by more than two insurance plans.

PracticeWorks only permits two dental insurance companies (a Primary and a Secondary) on each Clipboard.

The user will have to manually submit the claim to the Third Insurance and include copies of each EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from both the Primary and Secondary insurance companies.

  1. Start by adding a Sticky Note in PracticeWorks to the patient’s Clipboard, listing the details of their Secondary and Third Insurance.
  2. Submit the claim to the Primary Insurance and post the payment normally when it is received.
  3.  When prompted, submit the claim to Secondary Insurance. Either print the claim to paper or submit the claim electronically with the EOB attached.
  4. On the Clipboard, change the patient’s Secondary coverage to their Third insurance.
  5. Post the original Secondary Insurance company’s payment when it is received, but do not link it to the claim. (This is to prevent the claim from being cleared.)
  6. Submit the claim to the Third Insurance with both EOB’s.
  7. Post the Third Insurance company’s payment (as if it were Secondary) when received. Link it to the claim, so the claim will be cleared.
  8. Once the claim is cleared, remove the Third Insurance and restore the original Secondary coverage, so that future claims can be generated and submitted correctly.

Note: The remaining benefits for the Secondary Insurance will not be accurate.

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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Thank you, that is what I thought, but it didn't hurt to ask

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Premolar I

We have a few patients with the same situation. I would love to know as well. I end up having to hand write a claim form and send thru mail. 

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