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Extra characters on patient names

We use special characters on patients' names for various reasons.  We have used * immediately following the last letter of the last name for several years now.  They always show up at the bottom of that "section" of the person pick list (ex. if their last name is Smith, but we have them as Smith*, they are below all the other Smith's, but still with the Smith's).

Now we have begun using ~  One of my teammates just texted me in a panic because they couldn't find a patient who has been with us for decades.  I looked - I could not find him either.  It is a simple last name - Ross - so it's not like we spelled it wrong. His wife has an unusual first name, so I looked her up by that.  She came up in the report, and when I accessed her clipboard, she was linked to her husband (the person we couldn't find).  

I backed out of the report and went to the patient pick list again.  NOT THERE.  I looked in inactive - not there either, but there were patients with the last name Ross* who showed up at the bottom of the Ross's.  So I kept scrolling....past Rossero, Rossi, Rossi~, Rossman, Rossoll, and THERE they were - right before Rostankowski.  WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY WAY DOWN THERE and how do I get them to show up where they SHOULD be?

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