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Finding Undistributed Payments in Line Item Accounting

Good morning PracticeWorks community!

If you use Line Item accounting to pay providers, it's imperative that payments get distributed. After all, if the payment is recorded but never distributed, it doesn't show on the Payroll report

To find available distributions we created the Undistributed Payment expert. 

After running the expert, you get an actionable list of all credits (payments and adjustments) with possible distributions. 

Each column is sortable to make distributions easy. For instance, if you need to focus on a specific payment type, select the Description column. Or maybe you'd prefer to distribute your high dollar payments first. You could select the Distributable column. 

Once a line is selected click the Distribute button. This displays the Payment distribution window, allowing you to distribute the credit. Once the credit is fully distributed, the payment is removed from the list and the Total payment count and Total distributable amounts in the bottcom left corner are updated.

If you simply need a report and do not want to take action, click Print report. The report format will honor the sort option selected. Below is an example of the report with Distributable as the sort:

To read more about the Undistributed Payments expect download the attachment below. 

When you're on a patient ledger and you want to see undistributed payments or procedures, select Show transactions for and choose Undistributed credits and debits. 

Here we see there are three payments waiting to be distributed and seven procedures available to receive distributions. 

I'd love to hear from you. Please comment below and let me know what you think!

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