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Canine III


Is it possible to create a form which will utilize system fields.

I would like to create a hygiene specific insurance benefit form.  If possible I would like it to automatically fill in the last date of service for specific dental codes.

Then I would be able to add in the specific benefits information.

Is this possible?



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Re: Forms


As far as creating a form in the actual form list (Expert > automation experts > responses > forms), we do not have the ability to create questions/options that use formulas on them so we would not be able to pull in the date of when a code was last performed on the ledger.  The closest that we could come would be to make it so that it's an updatable form and on the first instance of it they enter that date so that the next time it is used, the date from the last use of it will come up.  

We could make a document that has the ability to pull that information through by making custom variables to be used on the document itself and then that document is marked to keep a file on record, which is stored in the attachments area for the patient.  However, in using the document it would also print out to paper or PDF depending on printer choice. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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Premolar III

Re: Forms

This really should be a feature request for a customizable insurance benefit form
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