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Although I appreciate it when @debi_peterson or another PW employee tags someone who may be able to fix an issue, I have to wonder why we don't see responses after that.

Much like the suggestion platform.  Is it there merely to patronize us?  I have seen numerous offices request the same things over and over and yet they are never implemented.  BASIC, FUNCTIONING MODIFICATIONS and yet no movement from Carestream.  Two simple examples are: Being able to add an age restriction to code-specific details.  Being able to customize the route slip to fit our needs.


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It's been a while since I have checked the exchange. I agree with sentiments of the users posted under "Frustrations". At the recommendation of a consultant, we became a PW user about 1997.  That is a long time to use the product, have a support fee and to continue to have a product not work well. It appears that updates are not tested prior to release.

Treatment estimates and insurance estimating at check out is crucial to be accurate. Patients complain about the layout of the statements (they are difficult to read) and the amount owed may not be the amount owed. I cannot speak for other practices; this practice uses the software as it was designed and to best as it was intended. We have had numerous crashes when posting bulk payments, having to run "UTILITIES" and then to have a Level 2 to remove the payment and check the "back" for possible issues. This takes so much extra time. And this particular issue requires every user to be out of PW. 

Maybe the Product Manager could provide a "Press Release" for what we can expect in the future regarding known bugs, estimating issues, etc. 

I don't use the word hate often, although in this case, I Hate to look unprofessional when presenting fees because the software isn't providing the correct number. Well the information is what we have entered into the system and it is spitting out garbage. 

I guess I am having a bad day because of PW issues and the insurance estimating side of things. 


Canine III

"It's a known issue" and "there's a work around" are phrases we hear regularly from PW support.  I brought up the issue with dual insurance estimating 10 years ago when I first started working with practice works. Here we are, 10 years and several versions later, I still get treatment plans where the math does not add up.  I am still handwriting on my treatment plans because 1 + 1 = 0.  Not only is this very unprofessional (not to mention embarrassing) to give to patients, basic math is the primary function of any computer, and we still can't get that right.  Regardless of how many kudos I received several years ago about this, this issue should be a high enough priority to be fixed.  I share in the frustration of others.  Managing a very busy dental practice has enough challenges, our software should not be one of them.

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Hi There,

Thank you for showing so much passion for Practiceworks in this thread! I'd like to reassure you all that we do continue to support and make changes to Practiceworks with releases, which we try to make quarterly.

The inputs for each of these releases come from a variety of sources, including the Exchange, but also items logged through support, and regulatory needs.

Each item is prioritised against each other, in terms on its impact to our customer base, the number of customers we hear asking for the same item etc.

I would like to encourage continual feedback for improvements, which can continue to take into consideration. And feedback on the releases we make, what you liked, did not like etc. This helps considerably with our planning.



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Can you please tell me why a known problem since 7.5 according to tech support, has still not been fixed yet?

First Molar I

Seems to me that these companies are focusing their efforts on their cloud products and cloud services. I sincerely doubt that most support personnel have much influence on the direction of updates. I also doubt that anyone from Carestream who monitors this board has much influence either. They are fine people who’s contributions have always been invaluable to me but I doubt they have a significant influence on development plans.

I truly dislike cloud products and eservices but they are a necessary evil because of the trend that the rest of this planet is heading into. But Carestream offerings in that arena are quite poor even without factoring in the excessive pricing.

What I pray for now is that PW will at least continue to function until the day I retire and it becomes someone else’s problem. That day couldn’t come soon enough but it’s gonna be a while…

PW is available as cloud, although do we think it would function differently than it is now?

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Personally, the concept of my practice data sitting on someone else’s servers scares me. Then there’s the intermittent outages as well as the internet outages.. and what happens when you go to switch systems? What if the company gets hacked?
Too many issues beyond my control…
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First Molar I

@gmrdmd 100%!  If it is a great suggestion that will improve the performance, it should need only to be brought to their attention.  They have changed features (without warning us) for far lesser things (I was told one change was because practices kept forgetting to enter a zip code....are you KIDDING ME?).  And apparently adding an "unspecified" to gender identity was more important than the functionality of the software.  I'm not saying that there it shouldn't be there, but there are FAR more critical changes that we have needed for years.

To your point about a "popularity vote":

  1. There are offices who aren't even ON the Exchange.  If they knew what was out there being suggested, they may participate.  Or not - they may figure it is pointless and they will just limp along.
  2. I've been using PW for 20 years, been on the Exchange for probably 5-10, and didn't even know that there was a specific product suggestion area until the past year!!
  3. There are so many posts on here, that if you don't word your search just right (or have time to comb through pages & pages of search results) there are bound to be multiple discussions about the exact same topic and each one could have several "kudos". 
  4. I wonder what is the minimum threshold for "enough" kudos is?
Canine III

I totally agree.  I have been a customer of Carestream for close to 15 years and have experienced similar problems.  One current specific issue comes to mind.  I recently acquired a logo and was unable to place it into the documents unless it was sized down to 6 KB which is silly.  I was then told that this was a known problem since version 7.5  Really!  How many years ago was that?  And why hasn't it been addressed?  

The interesting part is that I really like the Practiceworks program and I believe their tech support is excellent.  I was also a Beta tester for version 9.  We are also chartless.

But what Practiceworks doesn't understand is that we are always trying to put our best representation of ourselves (ie the practice) forth to the public, or in my case as a Periodontist to my referring doctors.  Again, (referring to my last case with them) making the documents on the computer for my reports look as good as possible is a plus for me and by extension the software company that allows me to put that product forward.

Practiceworks will continually tell me to place my concerns online and if I receive enough "kudos" they will consider it.  Well sometimes when ideas can improve your product it should be implemented and not just be a popularity vote.

Case in point - see the response just received regarding topic


Which was originally asked about in 2017 and was told that it was being looked at for future versions.  How many versions have come out since 8.0 and it is still not implemented????


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This one seems to be such a no-brainer