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Full appointment cancellation history

In the current appointment history window, only completed and pending/scheduled appointments are detailed. The cancelled/failed are not listed beyond the last 3.

We have cases where a pt will argue about his cancellation history, and is very hard for us to track down what dates he/she cancelled because only the last 3 are displayed, even though in this example PW has counted 26 instances of cancel/fail 

Is there a way to report the dates of the cancelled / failed appointments that are counted in the cancellation history?



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As the software currently functions, we can only create a report that will bring up the last canceled visit for a patient.  When an appt is deleted from the appointment book, it is fully deleted from the data file.  The last three cancelations that are tracked on the clipboard use entries from the data file that controls the clipboard information and they get updated when an appt is canceled.   Because of this, we do not have a way to pull a list of all the past canceled appointments for patients. 

@Anon  - This might be something worth being considered as a change in how the software handles canceled appointments. 


What I've done in the past with offices who've wanted to track canceled appointments is create a form that pops up when an appointment is canceled that then gets saved into the patient's history list on their clipboard.  This will at least allow you to see in that location all of the canceled appointments based on the saved forms that were entered upon cancellation. 

I'd be happy to work with you on getting that set up if you would like. 


Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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