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History of Cancellations

Is there a way to get a list of cancellations by a patient?  I know that you can go into the patient's Appt History off the clipboard and the pop-up shows the last 3 cancellation dates along with the total number. 

If not, I suggest adding a button within the cancellation history window that you can click on which shows all cancellations.  I'm thinking of a button similar to the First visit date button on the same Appointment History pop up.


ps this discussion group will not let me insert a picture showing the screen

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Our office marks it in transactions 9986 for no show  or 9987 for cancellation with note then we document in contacts the "Description" (CA same day, NO Show, Advanced CA)  so we can easily see  the reasoning behind it.  Our hygienist also document in the clinical notes.   


Good Morning Joe and Rita... and all you curious on lookers

While yes, it is unfortunante that the Appt history list doesn't track past the last 3 cancelled appts, This is a slight workaround that I've created for another office in the past that, while not perfect as there are still a couple extra clicks that need to be made, works decently.

Basically, I'd help you set up a form that is triggered by a system event. Specifically the event for Cancelling an appt (with or without moving to pending as those are two separate events). This form would  allow the office to choose a reason for cancelation if you desire to give options for it. Once completed that form would be saved into the patient's history (not appt history) window on their clipboard so they can be viewed there if one is needing to know past the last 3 on the appt history window.

Here are a few screenshots of what I have set up in my own data for that purpose.

Cancelation form 1

Cancelation form 2

Cancellation form 3

If you think that this could work for you for now, let me know we can set up a time to get it created for you.

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst

Thanks for the post. We already have a form in place and we can go into History as you suggest. However, that history is populated by much more than cancellation information. It would take clucking on Setup and un-clicking all items except the forms.  Then, you would have to wade through the list of the many forms that you might have on that patient's account and look for the cancelation information. This is not very practical and therefore not use-able.  A solution would have to be user-friendly in order to be practical and useful which is why I suggested a button by the cancelation history.  

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Good morning joedindo‌,

There is an expert on The Exchange that provides cancellation history within a date range. It is currently configured for all patients but I suspect it could be modified to limit to a specific patient. 

To access this expert, go to Experts -> PracticeWorks Expert Exchange. Scroll through the list to the second PW Support Entry. From here find the Cancelled Appts in Date Range:

Expert Exchange

Uncheck "Install to Tutorial Database" if you're ready to use in your software. 

Click Download. Once this completes close the window. 

Next, select the menu option Experts -> Contact Expert -> User Defined. Cancelled Appts in Date Range will now be available. 

You will be prompted for a date range. Once you enter and click OK the results will look like this: 


The expert can be sorted by last name, date of cancellation, or reason for cancellation. 

While this does provide that information, it is not as practical since it would require multiple steps.  Anything not practical will not be used...  It would be better to provide a button in the patient's appointment history window that lists that info.  Guaranteed it would be well used...

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Understood. We can consider for a future release past V9.0.

Thanks Jeremy. I appreciate that you guys are hearing us out and working with us.  I don't want to come off as unappreciative. 

One other issue with that contact expert is that it only shows the most recent cancellation and does not list all the cancellations for that patient.

Hey Joe, That particular expert is set up to  only pull a list of patients who have had a canceled apt during that date range.

In order to get one that will list out more then just the last cancelled appointment, We'd need to basically rebuild that expert and have it base on Appointment data instead of patient data.  Basing it off of appointment data makes it pull every appointment, while patient data only makes it pull every patient who fits the criteria.

I'll build one on my own data real quick to make sure it'll show correctly for us, and also to see if it'll show more then just the last 3.

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst

No need to do it. It would take far too long to run an expert in the middle of the day while you're going through the whirlwind of a day. 

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Thanks Joe. At the end of the day we want the same thing; PracticeWorks to make everyone's life easier. 

Tagging a member of the support team to shed light on this.

robert.angus‌, johnathan.d

Canine III

This would be very helpful.  The number above the most recent 3 cancellations is misleading.  It counts appointments cancelled with notice.  If a patient cancels a week in advance, several times over the years, and we can only see the last three, the 10 cancellations makes them look like an unreliable patient when, in actuality, they are the perfect patient who gives notice when unable to keep an appointment.  Being able to see all cancellations will give real information.

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