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History of xrays

In charting, we can double click on a tooth and view the entire history of that tooth.  Is there a way to do this for xrays?  (click somewhere and see the patient's radiograph history listed chronologically - whether bitewings or panoramic)

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Re: History of xrays

As long you have the Clinical Imaging Module activated in your PracticeWorks licensing, the Attach(ed) Img tab will be available to you in the charting module as shown here in from Help>About PracticeWorks>Show License Details

clinical imaging module.png 

This tab allows you to select a tooth and see the images attached to it in the lower left or double click on a tooth and see a list of all attached images in a window like you can on the Hard Tissue tab.

attached image tab.png

Robert Angus | Technical Support Analyst II