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How to jump directly to a Level 2 representative

I have a recurring random issue that I know from experience must be fixed by a level 2 support person.  Is there any way I can get right to one rather than wasting 15 min on hold with the initial person going back and forth trying to figure out if they can fix it (even when I have explained to them that this issue ALWAYS requires a level 2)?

You all know that #1 - I don't call unless it is something I can't fix myself and #2 - it always ends up going to a level 2.

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I believe this is a common situation with many of our offices. 

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I have this same issue. We frequently get “odd red” entries on the ledger. It requires support to remote in and fix. It takes me 20 minutes to explain the issue to a level 1 rep. Finally they transfer me so I can get it fixed, which actually takes less than 30 seconds. If I had the password I could do it myself. 

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Community Manager

Hello @sonyap

After just checking with support they mentioned that you received help this morning, let me know if you are still needing assistance. We have a few level 2 representatives that answer questions here on The Exchange, or if I catch your post in time I can reach out to support to have them assign someone to contact you.

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I am asking for this in all seriousness.  I never call with an easy issue.  I have now spent more than 20 mins of my day trying to explain my two issues to a level one rep and she has just now decided that it is above her paygrade.

Those of us who have been around long enough to not have trivial questions need a "line jumping" pass or something.

I did end up getting Jonathan on the phone.  But for future issues like this, there really needs to be a way to get the right person on the phone faster.  This was not something I could just post here - I knew from past experience that someone would have to log into my computer to fix it.

@sonyap I hear you

We rarely call support for anything basic too