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Premolar I

Ideas for Handling Uncollected Balances

There are certain accounts that our doctor prefers to hold until the patient returns to the office.  Which in most cases the patient pays the balance when they return. Most of these are accounts with small balances, which would not be worth the cost/time to submit to collections. 

Does anyone have a good way to handle these accounts until the patient returns?  We do not want these accounts showing up on past due reports nor do we want to continue sending statements.  Basically, we would like the balance to sit in limbo until the patient returns.

We can uncheck the print statements option, but is there a good transaction code to use to leave the account in limbo?

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Premolar III

Re: Ideas for Handling Uncollected Balances

None that I can think of.  Unless you want to write off the balance and then put a sticky note on the ledger to reinstate it when they come back.

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Canine III

Re: Ideas for Handling Uncollected Balances

This is what I do... baddebt code put sticky on it to pop up everywhere that a baddebt exists and reverse it if they ever reconnect.