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Premolar I

Image dates are reversed

I recently noticed that when I click on "images" on a patient's clipboard, the images pop up as usual with the correct date at the top.  BUT when I double click on it to enlarge and/or print, the month/date are reversed.  ie; an image taken Nov 8, 2022 says 11/8/22 as it should, but when I DC it says 8/11/22.  Very confusing when we are sending these images to specialists!  I cannot find where to re-program this - I've never noticed this before so I am wondering if this is something new?

Thank you.

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Premolar II

Interesting change on the date - looks how the Europeans write the date (day/month/year).

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I'm going to assume that when you say you double-click the image to enlarge/print it, it's opening inside of the imaging software?

if that is the case, there is a setting in the imaging software that lets you change the date format. 

If you are using v7 or older of CS Imaging:

While imaging is open go to the Options menu and select Preferences. 

Then go to the General Tab  You'll want to change the Language and Help Language

Format  MM/DD/YYYY set both to "American"
Format DD/MM/YYYY set both to "English"  (UK English)


then click OK to save and apply

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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