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Canine II

Imaging bridge not licensed

How can I get to work one of my computers with the imaging bridge, it keeps saying it's not licensed and it's working properly on the rest of the computers ;(
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Re: Imaging bridge not licensed

This may be an issue best looked at by our imaging software department.  

Usually, this issue comes up due to the pwsvr.exe (gold key) not running on the server.  Or if it's a single machine, that computer is not seeing it run. 

Since it is just the one computer having the issue, it might be worth checking the path that is being looked at for the license.

The application that controls the path on each machine will be located at C:\windows\syswow64\pwclient.exe.

Once that app is opened, click on Options and check what the "PracticeWorks Server Path:" field is set to. It should be pointing to the pwsvr folder on the server.  Since you use the imaging bridge and not one of our DPMS applications, the pwsvr folder should be located within the TW folder on the server. 

If you need assistance please reach out to one of our imaging representatives. you can find the Support number HERE.

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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