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Instructions on Automating Birthday/Balance pop ups

Can someone post the procedures to make the pop up for Birthday/Balance/etc when checking a patient into the office?



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Re: Instructions on Automating Birthday/Balance pop ups

Sure, what you'd want to do is set up a system event to display a message at the time of check-in. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Experts menu
  2. Click Automation Experts
  3. Click on Events
  4. Click on System events
  5. Select the option for Check-in Appointment (third on the list).
  6. Click "Define Autolinks" at the bottom.
  7. in the Autolinks window click "Add" and choose the option for Display a message.
  8. In the Select message to Display list, if you do not have a message for displaying a Birthday message, you can click "Define New" at the bottom. 
  9. Give the message a description. My own version of this is called "Birthday this month."
  10. in the Message to Display you can put in what ever message you want. This is what mine is

      <FirstName> <LastName>'s birthday is this month! (<Birthdate>.)

  11. Click OK to save. 
  12. Click ok on the list to select and add that message.
  13. Click Yes for "Is this response optional"
  14. Choose "When the task is first started." for the second option. 
  15. The options will come up for response criteria. you can click on the select buttons for the Must be at leas tone of these and check the box for birthday this month. 
  16. Click OK to save. 
  17. Click Cancel to close the autolink list. 
  18. Close the system events list. 

Test a check-in for a patient whose birthday is this month.

If you want it to be more specific to if they have their birthday that day, I can do instructions for that as well. 

I can also give you a call to assist with this setup if you'd like. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
Premolar I

Re: Instructions on Automating Birthday/Balance pop ups

Is there a way to set a popup for people that are in collections?
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Re: Instructions on Automating Birthday/Balance pop ups

In order to have a pop-up message for patients who are in collections, you will need to mark them as in collections using the Account risk box.

If you are unaware of where this is:

  • Go to a patient's ledger
    • List > People > select patient > OK or Edit.
  • Click on the A/R Setup button on the right side.
  • In the top right corner, you will see the Account Risk box.
  • Enter either "C" or "c" into this box.
    • "C" is for collections.
  • Click OK.

To create the pop-up message:

  • Go to Experts > Automation Experts > Events > System Events.
  • Select the desired event for the pop-up.
    • Typically this will be "Create a new Appointment" but sometimes "Check in appointment" is also chosen.
  • Click on Define Autolinks at the bottom.
  • In the Current Autlinks window Click on Add.
  • Choose the option for Display a message.
  • In the Select message to display window, select the message "Collection Message"
    • This may already exist depending on if a particular expert pack was installed in the past.
      • If it does not Exist:
        1. Click Define new.
        2. For Description for user if response is optional: Enter "Collection Message"
        3. For the Message to display box enter "This account is in collections!!!" or whatever message you would prefer to display.
        4. Click OK to Save
  • Click OK.
  • For the option "Is this reponse optional?" Click No, always respond WITHOUT asking.
  • For the option "A System event is generated twice....." Choose when you would like the message to display.
    • I personally suggest When the task is first started.
  • Once the AutoLink for "Create a new appointment" system event window is displaying, click on the Formula button on the for the Advanced (optional): This must be TRUE box.
    • Enter the following formula:
      • AR.Risk = "C"
        AR.Risk = "c"
  • Click OK.
  • Click Cancel on the Current Autolinks.... window.
  • Click Close to close the System events list.

At this point, as long as a patient has a "C" in their account risk box, the message should display when the appointment is being created.


If you have any issues let me know and I would be happy to give you a call and connect to help set it up.

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst