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Canine III

Insurance question re: Prim/Secondary Insurance

Patient came in. Services walked out. Patient calls the next day with secondary insurance info to file. Once primary paid, 2nd ins didn't pop up a claim, and due to it being a bulk claim, it wont let me create a secondary claim because the claim was "cleared'. 


How do you create a 2nd ins claim after primary pays?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

The solution is a little involved..

1. Remove the patient from the bulk payment. This will mark the claim open.

2. Go to Activities> Enter Mail Payments> Bulk Payments..


3. Check Show completed



4. Highlight the bulk payment this patient appears on and click edit. 

5. Highlight the patient and remove the patient's payment from the bulk



6. Mark yes to delete the entry- (Write down the amount and any other information as you will be entering the payment back in later)



7. Click ok to close the bulk payment out and click yes to quit.



8. Go back to the patient's leger. The ledger now shows pS on the procedure(s)



9. On the patient ledger, right click on one of the procedures and correct entry. Click yes to the following message.


10.  Mark both primary and secondary and make correction.


11. click Yes to the message


12. The claims now shows PW SW


13.  Click Ok on the ledger and the submission prompt appears. Mark the claim to paper.


14. Now go back to the bulk check and re-enter the payment and close the bulk. 

15. The prompt for the secondary will come up once you post the primary payment. 


16. Lengthy but it does the trick. Ultimately, it's removing the payment that allows for updating. 


@tsalcido @elavid this is actually shown a little more complicated than it needs to be.  You can start at step 10. 

Right click on each service -->correct entry --> resubmit to secondary. 

Once you have done that for each line, then close out of that window (click ok, etc.)  If it doesn't automatically bring you to the claim image, you will then need to right click on one of the services, "view/resubmit secondary claim". 

On the next screen, click "resubmit". 

Then you will see this:


After filling in the date of service and clicking ok, you should be good to go!


CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

You are correct, however that would work if it were for an individual claim to start at #10. They had the claim paid through the bulk payment and the ledger will not let you remove the payment. 

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In my experience, the primary payment does not have to be removed.

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Thank you so much!

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