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Kodak Imaging question

We have been using Kodak imaging "forever" original trophy users.  Over the years, I have created several custom formats.  Is there a way or place to store those formats so that they are available in every treatment room.  Seems counter intuitive to require a format be re-created in each operatory.  I also seem to be losing my custom formats with each KDI update?  

Is there a way or place to save custom formatting so that it will will show up in ALL the computers?  We have KDI on our server as well as our workstations.



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Re: Kodak Imaging question

Good morning @wendysmithey 

It is possible to have a single format location on the server and have all computers access that format directory.  I could not tell you what the steps are myself to do this as it is something that Imaging support is trained on.  

I'm going to reach out to the imaging group to see if one of them can reply here, or give you a call to assist. 


Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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CS Dental Employee

Re: Kodak Imaging question

I sent this question to Imagining support they should contact you to answer your question.