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Lab Tracking

I would like to be able to utilize the lab tracking expert.  In a large, busy practice, it would be helpful to track cases using this feature but it doesn't seem to work.  I have called support only to be told that "most offices don't use that feature so we don't know how to use it".  If it's not a workable feature, it shouldn't be there and maybe more practices would use it if worked properly.  I have worked with many systems over the past 30 years and I'm tired of Practice Works support telling me that I "stumped" them when asking questions about the program.

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Re: Lab Tracking


   I'm sorry for the response you received calling the PracticeWorks support line. The Lab Tracking feature does function properly as long as procedures and appointments are setup correctly to do it.

   The first place you would need to go to turn on Lab Tracking is in the individual procedures you want to track. This is done by going to the Lists menu>Transaction Codes. Find the code you want to turn on lab tracking for and click edit. Then check the "Lab case" check box and select the default lab this would normally be sent to for completion. The list of labs can be setup under Lists menu>Labs.

   Once you have each of the codes you want to start tracking setup with "Lab case" option checked, when an appointment is made with one of those procedures it is flagged for "Lab Case" and "Lab case pending." If you have a procedure that doesn't normally require lab tracking, but in specific circumstances does, these boxes can also be manually checked when the appointment is created/edited.

   The "Lab case pending" box is what makes this appointment show up in the Lab Tracking contact expert. This expert is accessed through Experts menu>Contact Experts>Lab Tracking.

   After an order has returned from the lab, you can click on the "Lab Received" box in the expert and it will no longer continue to be tracked. Once clicked on, this also automatically updates the appointment to no long show as "Lab case pending"

   If you have any additional questions about lab tracking, please let me know.

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