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Canine III

Letter to Specific Insured Patients

What is the best way to send a letter to all the patients that are members of a specific insurance company?


Example:  I would like to send a letter to all Tricare patients.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Letter to Specific Insured Patients

Hi. Let's see if we can answer this.

1. You would need to create a User defined contact Expert. There is one called Insured parties by Insurance co. that is in your tutorial you can copy. It will prompt you to choose the Insurance company (In your case Tricare)

2018-10-12 14_32_28-CS PracticeWorks v8.1.0 Tutorial - __Remote.png

2018-10-12 14_29_32-User Defined Contact Expert Pick List - __Remote.png

2. You would also need to create or copy your letter into the documents. Go to Expert> Automation Expert> Responses>Documents.

2018-10-12 14_33_29-.png

3. In the User Defined Contact Expert Insured parties by Ins. Co an Action button is stationed. 

2018-10-12 14_37_03-Insured Parties by Ins Co - __Remote.png

4. You would connect your letter to that actions button. All insured parties on that list will receive a letter

2018-10-12 14_37_16-CS PracticeWorks v8.1.0 Tutorial - __Remote.png

2018-10-12 14_37_34-Current AutoLinks for UsrRoster00322ActionBtn button event - __Remote.png

2018-10-12 14_52_50-Insured Parties by Ins Co - __Remote.png


5. To print or export  the letter you would go the document que until File> Print> Document que


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