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Line Item Accounting - How to Edit a Distribution

In today's discussion I’m focusing on editing distributions. 

To edit a distribution right click on the ledger entry and select View/edit distribution….

  • If you selected a credit (payment or write off), the Payment Distribution window appears.
  • If you selected a debit (procedure or code that increases the patient balance), the Payments Distributed to this Charge window appears. From here select the credit distribution you want to edit and click OK.

Here we have a $100 cash payment with two distributions; $57 distributed to a Prophy and $43 to Bitewings.

If I click the Clear distribution button the values change to $0 and the full $100 is ready to be re-distributed. 

The other option is to manually edit the distribution by changing the values in the Amt to apply column. 

Let's say the entire $100 payment should be applied to the Bitewing. I can clear the distribution (by clicking the Clear distribution button or typing in $0) then type in $100 in the Amt to apply toward the Bitewing. 

On a side note, if a distribution is older than the Error Correction Time Span you are prompted for Level 10 access. Once a Level 10 employee’s credentials are entered, the distribution can be modified.

What if these amounts were paid out to a provider via the Payroll report? How will these distribution reductions or removals be handled? Read How Correcting Distributions Affects Payroll to find out!

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