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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Line Item Accounting Training Plan

You may have heard me say it before, but it is worth saying again: the PracticeWorks v8.0 software will include a major revision to your accounting system.  You are about to experience one of the most significant workflow revisions in practice management history!  It's so big, we could claim the title of Best Dental Practice Enhancement Ever!

Okay, maybe i exaggerate a little bit on the awards we are claiming, but it is no exaggeration how much Line Item Accounting will benefit your practice.  If you are tired of using (or trying to use) the Cross-Settlement Report to figure out your practice finances, these changes will have a huge impact.

The major goal of this revision is to provide a way for practices who would like to report their collections by provider easily. Today, it is not easy -- the cross-settlement report is a somewhat functional way to get to that information, but it lacks a lot of depth, flexibility and it performs in a way that does not instill confidence.

What this means is, if you choose to enable Line Item Accounting in your practice, the way you will post payments and adjustments, the way you may do your job today using our software, will change.  To make that transition as smooth as possible, we'll help you prepare the best way we can.

Don't worry, if you don't follow the training plan and just run the update, you'll still be able to use PracticeWorks  All previous functionality will still exist; we don't plan on taking anything away.  If you can do something today, we aim to allow you the same functionality after the update.  However, without preparing for the new functionality, you won't be able to enable Line Item Accounting right away.  

Since the changes are actually a little more than just "moving a few things around," I highly recommend the following training plan.  It will take a few steps, and each step may be a little different based on your role in the office, but it will greatly increase your practice's success when adopting the new Line Item Accounting feature.

  1. Visit 
  2. Register for the Online Training
  3. Watch the Introductory Webinar
  4. Review the LIA Checklist
  5. Participate in the Online Training
  6. Enable the LIA Feature in practice settings
  7. Go Live!

First, get yourself on the list for Online Training.  Once you register for this, you should get an email with instructions within two days.  It probably isn't necessary for everyone in your office to view these, but it is a good way to orient a few people in your office to the new changes.  If you miss the live sessions, don't fret -- they will be recorded and available to view later.  

After you watch the Introductory Webinar, Review the LIA Checklist to prepare yourself for the transition to Line Item Accounting.  Having this complete prior to running any Online Training will make the classes easier and even more productive.  One you have the Certificate of Completion from the online training classes you can call Support and get the activation code required to turn on the feature.  

Sound like a lot?  Nah, it's not that bad.  In fact, with this bit of help you might be more prepared for this update than you have been for any other.  And we'll be there to give you a hand along the way.  

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