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Line Item Accounting - Unpaid Production Report

Payroll, or what's been collected and distributed, is one side of the coin. What about the other side, the procedures you're still waiting to collect on? If you have an associate leaving the practice it's important to know how much collection remains outstanding on their work. Splitting accounts is another instance where you need to know how much unpaid production remains by provider. 

The Accounts Receivable report provides A/R at the practice or individual A/R administrator level. However, it cannot break the A/R down by provider. For a practice using the Cross Settlement we provide the Pending Cross Settlement. For practices activating Line Item accounting, we have the Unpaid Production report. 

This report is run by Producer or Production Owner and tells you what portion of your production remains unpaid. If you do not use PracticeWorks' insurance estimating the Est. Ins. W.O. column can be excluded, making the report more streamlined. 

In addition to the values we also provide the option to include details. This is useful if you'd like to see exactly which procedures you're waiting for payment on. The report is ordered by patient last name and segmented by Producer (or Production Owner). 

For a detailed look at the report and options, download the attached document. 

Comments and questions are always welcome!

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