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Canine III

Line Item Estimating

I would like the ability to edit the estimating on a line item basis within a specific treatment plan.  For example, if a procedure is generally covered under the plan, but is not covered in a particular situation (due to frequency limitations, etc.) I don't want to change the estimating in the plan details, especially if there are other teeth that need the same procedure.  If I print the treatment plan without estimating, then there is no estimating for all procedures listed and if I print with estimating, I have to cross off the estimated insurance payment and hand write the patient payment.  Either way, I cannot provide my patient with an accurate, professional treatment plan. Other software systems I have worked with are able to do this.

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   The only thing that comes to mind to customize estimating within one specific tx plan for one patient without affecting the estimating setup for other patients falling under the same plan, is to create a pre-determiniation claim for the procedures involved and then enter approval amounts using the custom estimating info you want. This should give you what you're looking for without affecting the estimating setup for the employer plan or insurance company.

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