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Canine III

Line Item accounting

Will entries in Line Item Accounting track frequency limitations.  Such as "BW 1/yr" paid by ins. ie;  If the ins paid last time, will they pay this time?

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Re: Line Item accounting

Hello @bnissen

Regardless of if you use Line Item Accounting or not, that information is controlled by the insurance estimating set up.

Frequency.pngYou will need to go into the patient's Employer/Plan profile, Click on Estimating > then click on "Code-specific estimating" on the lower right. Find the code you need to have the estimating/frequency set up on.  The Frequency is set up using the option  "Insurance Payment Frequency (mo.):" 

Something to keep in mind though, When you are using this for codes that are tooth specific, it doesn't take that information into consideration.  For example, if code 2335 is set for every 6 months, and was done on tooth # 14 in January, it doesn't see that it was a specific tooth, just that the code was done, so it won't allow estimating of that code until 6 months have past, even if it's a different tooth number. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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