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Canine II

Merging duplicated insurance companies

I apologize in advance if this topic has been address before and I somehow missed it in my search of The Exchange. I work for a large practice and we are trying to start utilizing all that Practiceworks can do. In this case we are trying to get the Insurance Estimations working. However, the issue is we have multiple insurance companies/plans duplicated. Is there any way to merge these to make entering all the Fee schedule information less tedious? 

Thank you in advance for any an all help!

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First Molar I

Yes.  I would add a new one to encompass all the ones with the same fee schedule.  

Lists --> Insurance Companies --> Add

After you have plugged in all the information, click the "estimating" button.  Next screen click "copy from".  Then leave the pre-selected "copy from an insurance company". Then one by one, find the other "matching" insurance companies and after clicking "ok", select the second button "copy all code-specific estimating details from and overwrite...."

That should do it.