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NP Report

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Is their a way that I can pull up a NP Report on PW 

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Re: NP Report

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   The Patient List report can be used to gather this or there is a custom expert on the PracticeWorks Expert Exchange that can be downloaded and run as well.

   The Patient list report can be accessed by doing the following:

  1. Click File > Print > Patients > Patient List.
  2. On the "Patient List" window, choose either separate list for each primary doctor's Patients or a combined list. If you're just looking for one overall list, uncheck print separate and add check to print combined.
  3. Set the Last Visit Date Range "From" box to be the start of date range for your new patient list. Leave the "To" box blank as we're not really concerned about the last visit date, just the First Visit Date
  4. Set the First Visit Date Range "From" and "To" boxes for the desired time frame from which the New Patient List will be compiled.
  5. Remove the check from the check-box labeled "Include patients with no last visit."
  6. Click OK.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts to print the list.

   To download the New patients within a date range expert from The PracticeWorks Expert Exchange:

1.) Experts Menu>PracticeWorks Expert Exchange (This, by default, will take level 10 access to do unless the office has lowered the restrictions on this event).

2.) In the Expert Exchange window, click the "+" next to PW Support to expand it, then scroll down until you see New patients within a date range.

3.) Once you see the Expert, place a check mark in the box to left of it, remove the check mark from beside "Install to Tutorial Database" and click Download.

4.) Click on Accept.

5.) Click on Accept again.

6.) Click OK to acknowledgement it has been installed successfully

7.) Click Close

8.) Click Close

9.) The expert can then be accessed through Experts Menu>Contact Expert>User Defined

10.) Find New patients within a date range in the list, select it and then click ok to run it.

11.) Enter the date range desired and click ok.

This will give you the list of patients you need.