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Canine III

Order of Attachments

Is there anyway to tag an attachment so it goes to the top of the list of attachments?  for instance, we scan our medical history filled out by our patients when they come into the office.  it would be nice to have all of the Medical History forms from each year to be at the top of the lists, so we do not have to search through attachments to find them.  

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Re: Order of Attachments


   What you are looking to do is currently possible by applying filters to your view if you are assigning a specific category to your attachments. If you don't currently have a specific category for your Medical History forms, you can add one by going to the Lists menu>Attachment Categories and clicking add.

Once you have your category to use, make sure to select it when adding an attachment

With a specific category assigned to those type of attachments, you can then quickly filter the attachments windows to only see those attachments. At the bottom of the attachments windows, add a check box to "Having Category" and select Medical History from the list. Then click on the "Apply Filters" button on the left to see only those attachments. You can also set it to only view those kind of attachments from a certain date range using the "Attachments date range" check box along with the "Having Category" option before applying the filter.

Though they will still be arranged oldest to newest, using these filters will make it easy to see what you want at glance.