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Is there a way to link a pop up message to insurance.

Example:  We have an insurance that requires approval before we can do any procedures on the patient.  I need a pop up message for when trying to schedule an appointment that reminds us to get the approval.


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Premolar I

I would have a yellow sticky noted to display "when scheduling appointments" so that the appropriate measures can be taken when that appointment is scheduled.  Or a yellow sticky can be attached "when viewing treatment plan" so that you can check with insurance.  Perhaps also create a yellow sticky that would display pertaining to the insurance.  

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You can do this by following these steps:

1. Create the message you wish to display (Experts > Automation Expert > Responses > Messages).

2. Create the Automation in the System Event (Experts > Automation Experts > Events > System Events).

3. Highlight "Create A New Appointment"

4. Click the Define Autolinks button.

5. Click Add

6. Choose Display a Message, and click OK.

7. Choose the message you created in step 1.

8. Select "No always respond without asking."

9. Select "When the task is first started."

10. Click the Formula button.

Copy/Paste the following:

PrimInsCo.Name = "Delta Dental Of MI" OR
SecInsCo.Name = "Delta Dental Of MI"

Replace "Delta Dental Of MI" with the name of the insurance company you are targeting. It has to be EXACTLY the way it is entered in your software. If you have that insurance company listed more than once with different spellings/names, you will need one entry for each spelling/name.


PrimInsCo.Name = "Delta Dental Of MI" OR
SecInsCo.Name = "Delta Dental Of MI" OR

PrimInsCo.Name = "Delta Dental Of Michigan" OR
SecInsCo.Name = "Delta Dental Of Michigan" OR

PrimInsCo.Name = "Delta Dental Of Mi" OR
SecInsCo.Name = "Delta Dental Of Mi"

11. Click OK until you are back at the appointment screen, and you are done.

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Can this be done with a Employer Name?  Like could the syntax be changed to reflect based on the Employer instead of the PrimInsCo.Name?


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First Molar I

@mbusinelle You should just be able to attach a yellow sticky note to that insurance.  Make it pop up "when making appointments" and "when viewing tx plans" and maybe even "on route slip" (if your clinical team reads them).

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Community Manager

@jdowner do you have any suggestions for this? 

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