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PW charting version 8.1

 When Charting is open in a room, you are locked out of the appointment on the schedule.  This means we can't change the status from arrived, to seated, but it also means you can't change the status from seated to waiting on the Doctor.  That makes no sense to me.  Since I am 5 months into waiting on version 9 (which I hope has fixed many of these glitches) is there a work around? I would have at least thought the person with the chart open would be able to access the appointment.

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Re: PW charting version 8.1


So in v8.1 no, There is not a good workaround to the record locks caused by the chart being opened and the appt getting locked to check out. The only possible workaround in PracticeWorks prior to V9 was to use the suspend chart button so that, while suspended, it'll release the record lock. 

Other then that, the best option will be to update to version 9 of PracticeWoks, as this no longer happens. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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