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Payment Analytics with Line Item Accounting

Good afternoon PracticeWorks Community!

To date I've focused exclusively on Line Item accounting and how it relates to paying providers based on collections. Today I'm giving you a peek at two reports unrelated to payroll. 

Have you attempted to track collections at the procedure level? Ever been curious to know how much you're adjusting off in discounts and other in-office write offs? If so, the Payment by Procedure report is just for you. 

On the report you'll see a roll-up of procedures selected followed by a break down at the procedure level giving you a total count, fees, patient payments, insurance payments, insurance write-offs, adjusted amounts, and even unpaid portions. 

In the sample screen shot below, you see that for all codes selected, 191 were performed - followed by the totals. This is immediately followed by averages for each of the columns. 

A more common request is "I want to see how much I'm making on Procedure X from Insurance Company Y - and how much I'm writing off". With Line Item accounting enabled we deliver this information. 

In the Insurance Payment by Procedure report, we provide a roll-up of all data followed by a breakdown by insurance company. Each insurance company is followed by breakdown by selected Employer Plans. 

If you want to dig in even deeper, each report includes the option to include details. Below you see a sample of the Insurance Payment by Procedure's details. This allows you to investigate at the treatment code level if the summary raises eyebrows. 

If your curiosity is piqued, please download the attached PDF's detailing each report.

Your comments and feedback are welcome. Please let me know what you think!