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Per site surfaces

We charge out Arestin as "per site", even though CDT has the code (D4381) as per tooth.  Why won't charting allow us to choose surfaces for this procedure?  We have a separate D4381 for this procedure and have it set up with a minimum of 1 surface.  If I post on the ledger, it requires me to enter a surface, but it won't even allow it in charting.  I would have reviewed the setup for the filling buttons, but for whatever reason, PW won't even permit us to look at them.

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Re: Per site surfaces

Hello @sonyap 

Since we do not have a chart button already set up to use the code D4381, I'm assuming you created your own chart button to use it with. 

I tested using the code in my own data. This is how my copy of the 4381 code is set up. 


Mine is using the default settings for this code. So Tooth number entry is Required and the required surface is set to min# 1 Max# 6.

When I created the chart button I set it up like this: 



I have the button set for Entry made for = "Individual teeth", Surface entry = "Prompt for surface" when charting. In the Primary Entries code list, I added the 4381 and set the Min # Sfcs and  Max # sfcs = 1

I tested this in the proposed mode and it did put the entry in the progress notes with the surface letter. 

Is this similar to your own setup for this code?

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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