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PracticeWorks Preview on Windows 10 Taskbar is greyed out.

Why is the PracticeWorks preview on the Windows 10 Taskbar greyed out?  

Before our upgrade to Windows 10 we were able to use the preview.  Is there a way to use the preview again?  We do not have issues with other software's icon previews. Just PracticeWorks.



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Re: PracticeWorks Preview on Windows 10 Taskbar is greyed out.

Windows has a place in its system files that stores images for the preview thumbnails called the thumbnail cache. Sometimes individual images here can become corrupted and need to be purged from the system.  When this happens it is better to just clear the entire thumbnail cache and allow it to rebuild as applications open. 

It is possible that this is what has happened for the PracticeWorks taskbar thumbnail preview.

Clearing the thumbnail cashe can be done using the Disk Cleanup utility within windows. 

Use the following steps to run utility

  1. Click on the Windows/Start menu icon
  2. Type "Disk cleanup" to search the applications
  3. Click on "Disk Cleanup" to launch the utility.
    1. It will automatically begin scanning the C: drive. 
  4. Once the scan completes, in the Disk cleanup window you will check the box for "Thumbnails." 
    1. The items already checked by default are ok to leave checked, but optionally you can uncheck them as well. 
  5. Click OK to run the utility. 
  6. Reboot the computer


In the chance that this does not resolve the issue, this feature is a part of Windows and we do not have direct control over how the Windows operating system chooses to display the thumbnail preview. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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