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PracticeWorks Software Update

Few months ago I was informed that there would be a major software update for PracticeWorks coming out around April. Unfortunately we have not heard anything as far as the new update. One of the reasons we are eager for the new update is to resolve multiple issues that we have been having with the software. Do we have to request the software update or are we given one as soon as it comes out?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: PracticeWorks Software Update

Good morning Tatyana,

Version 8 of PracticeWorks is complete and the final QA testing effort is underway. We anticipate a release sometime next month, though no specific date has been set. 

This version contains Line Item accounting (an optional accounting function) and print "on-the-fly" functionality.

I will call today to review the outstanding issues you're experiencing.