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PracticeWorks v10.1 - What's New!

Hello PW Community,

I just wanted to drop a quick message and let everyone know that 10.1 is ready for release to the hosted environment so our PW hosted customers will be getting updated starting this weekend while discs should be shipping in the next few weeks.

PracticeWorks 10.1 is a maintenance release which includes the new

  • 2019 ADA Claim form that offices must start using to submit claims.
  • Person Pick List usability enhancements
  • New dedicated Person Find List 
  • 17 Defects

I look forward to you your feedback!



What’s New - v10.1

Added 2019 ADA Form to Form Type

PracticeWorks 10.1 now includes the inclusion of the new 2019 ADA Claim form to be selectable under Insurance Company Definition - From Type details.


Inclusion of the ‘Unspecified’ Gender Option:

With the inclusion of this form, we had to update the gender selection area on the patient record to include the “Unspecified” gender option. You will now have the option to select this gender when creating or editing a patient record.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 12.13.30 PM.png



Usability - Person Pick List Updates

The Person Pick List has been updated to allow for additional information to be viewed from the list. See what’s included below:

  • Larger window to allow for more patients to be displayed
  • New layout follows Insurance Claims List with the buttons and filters moved to the left
  • Sticky Notes can now be viewed from the list for the selected patient
  • Sort/Find by First Name
    • Clicking the column header of the First Name column will sort the column and allow the “Find”  functionality for first name



Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 10.25.12 PM.png


NEW to 10.1! - Person Find List

Use the Person Find List to perform a patient search by contact information. This list provides more sort options than other pick lists and can be very useful when you have limited information with which to search. 


Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 12.20.00 PM.png


Possible scenarios include: 

  • Receiving a garbled phone message and only having the phone number to search by 
  • Receiving an email with without a name 
  • Speaking with a patient who has a heavy accent and needing to search by numbers instead of names 
  • Sorting patients by city for marketing campaign purposes


To access Patient Find List:

Click Lists → Person Find List from the application menu or use the (CNTRL+F) shortcut. 

You can sort/find by clicking the header of the following columns:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Cell Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Work Numbers 1 and 2
  • Email Address

Note: The DOB column is not clickable yet. We hope to add this in a future release.


Optimizations and Fixes

The following fixes have been added to PW 10.1:

  1. Time Tracker line is preventing PW from timing out
  2. Removing an entry causes the ledger list to jump to the top
  3. Cancelling clearing a claim still posts to ledger
  4. Increased character count entry for the Clinical Summary field and Note Template Summary field
  5. Fixed issues where user can no longer add an Insurance Contact through Clipboard > History
    1. To select claim, double click the line item from the list
  6. Insurance plan on patient clipboard does not save when HIPAA Acknowledgement is added immediately after adding insurance
  7. Add a Chart Graphic for Tx Code 7250
  8. Fixed Speech Training Error - Win 10


Future Updates...

We are continuously looking to improve the user experience and workflow support provided by PW. We appreciate you letting us know what works well for you and what we can improve. Feel free to email me at with any ideas or thoughts.

Additional upcoming enhancements include:

  • Pt. Clipboard modifications
  • Possible export reports to Excel




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6 Replies
Premolar III

Re: PracticeWorks v10.1 - What's New!

Was there any right-click functionality added to the pick list?
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Re: PracticeWorks v10.1 - What's New!


No, not in this version.  Your suggestions for that were not able to be included in this version due to the urgency to get the 2019 Claim form added to the software. However, it is being looked into and has been discussed in depth between Tyson and myself on how additional right-click menu options can potentially work within the software on a list such as the patient list.

@Anon may have more to add. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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Premolar III

Re: PracticeWorks v10.1 - What's New!

I truly appreciate that the feedback is being taken seriously; it’s amazing that you guys get our input.

Please let me know if you have questions.
Canine III

Re: PracticeWorks v10.1 - What's New!

When can we expect Version 10.1 to be released? @Anon 

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Canine III

Re: PracticeWorks v10.1 - What's New!

I am assuming hosted clients means those offices on the cloud?
0 Kudos

Re: PracticeWorks v10.1 - What's New!

@nageldds  - At this time it was found today that 10.1 will actually be put on hold for general release after finding that a new option that is needed for the Claim form's "Place of treatment" list. "Teledentistry" will be added as an option.  10.1.1 is being worked on to add in that needed option.  We do not have an updated release date for it at this time. 

@joedindo  - That is correct. Our hosted/Cloud offices are first to update per the support agreements and then general release happens once the first batch of physical media is ready to be shipped. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst